Women's Fitness Coaching

What's Included?

  • Custom Workout Plan & Custom Nutrition plan written by Michelle after your onboarding call.
  • Personal Accountability by me. I get to see every workout you complete, every habit you complete, and I get to see the food you eat! 
  • You get access to talk to me 24/7.
  • Daily Habits set by me to help you achieve your goals.
  • Private community to connect with everyone else in Better Than Before! 
  • Private app is synced with MyFitnessPal so I can hold you accountable to your calories.
  • Progressions tab that will log your weight, progression photos, and body fat percentage.

Mobile Experience

Private App access that is downloadable on your mobile phone. You also get access to message Michelle and there is a private group chat to connect with everyone else in Better Than Before.

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About Me

My name is Michelle Arwine. I recently pursued my dream of being a fitness coach along side my husband. It is my goal to help women honor the Lord with taking care of their bodies.

I have been lifting weights for almost 5 years however, my journey was not easy. I got addicted to the gym because I was chasing a certain look. Through a lot of prayer and time with Jesus, He delivered me from that mindset. I workout to be healthy and honor the Lord and I want to help women do the same.

Let me help you learn about nutrition and exercise so you can feel better and reach your goals!

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